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How to create systems in your business Masterclass (9/26)

Does your business have strong operating procedures?

Can your business currently withstand an influx of clients or customers?

Do you feel like you are overwhelmed in your business?

Do you feel like you spend more time working ON your business that you do working IN your business?

Most small business owners are overwhelmed because they have no SYSTEMS in place in their business.

It’s time to start treating your side business like a real business and implement the correct documents, procedures, and policies so your business can run on auto-pilot. In this Masterclass, business system specialist Connie Falls is going to teach you how to leverage CRM (customer relationship managers) systems to make your business more efficient.

Live Class will be on Saturday, September 26th @ 10am PST

**All registered attendees with receive access to the replay**

**Zoom log-in information will be shared upon registration immediately.**

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